Bringing colours back to life and eradicating years of dirt and dust

At James Barclay, we are passionate about rug cleaning and treat every Oriental carpet and rug individually and will pick a hand cleaning technique that is both thorough and sensitive to the precise needs of your rug. We take pride in our ability to eliminate stains and inconsistencies and to restore the glorious hues and tints that make each and every carpet and rug unique.

At its simplest, rug cleaning is about extending the life of the rug. Dirt particles and other impurities don’t merely sit on the surface, but are embedded within, cutting and damaging the fibres themselves. As a result, over time the condition of the carpet will deteriorate. A basic clean may remove some of the surface dirt, but unless you’re getting deep into the roots of the fibres, you’re doing little more than blowing away the cobwebs. We use special brushes to dislodge as many of the dirt particles as possible, before choosing a sensitive but deep-penetrating cleaning method that washes every fibre.

We recommend handmade Persian, Oriental and decorative rugs and carpets undertake professoinal rug cleaning every 5-7 years. This is a balanced timeframe that avoids dirt and dust to build up in the pile of a rug which can cause abrasions and holes. Our advice is to adhere to this timeframe as cleaning a rug too often can affect the lustre in the natural dyes and fibres of a rug.

The drying process is just as important as the washing stage. A carpet that doesn’t dry properly is at severe risk of contracting mould or mildew. These rugs can also suffer from browning, where the water rises to the tips of the fibres before evaporating, leaving behind a dark and unsightly residue made up of lignin and other materials that have dissolved in the water. Dye bleeding is another side-effect of an inadequate drying process. We’ll ensure that your rug dries out gently but properly, allowing you to enjoy it fully at its freshest.

Our rug cleaning service is about far more than treating your rug to the deepest most-nourishing clean that we can deliver:

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of our job is seeing once-opulent rugs being restored to their former magnificence, unlocking the glorious hues and tints of every fibre, and allowing the rich tapestry to shine out as it hasn’t done for years, decades or even centuries.

We can nurse almost any Oriental or Persian carpet back to full health, even when floor coverings have suffered from many years of severe neglect, or have been the victim of smoke, fire, or floods.



Typically, white cotton also makes up much of a rug’s foundation. The warps and wefts that form this base will sometimes break during manufacturing, and the ends will have to be knotted. The knots are then cut down so that they’re hidden from view. Unfortunately, as the rug fibres wear away, these white knots start to reappear.

On a grimy carpet, the knots may be given extra camouflage by the dust and dirt. But as the rug’s ravishing colours are brought out, the white knots may become all too apparent, detracting from the brilliance of these beautiful pieces. We can use special dyes to hide and touch up such problem areas, ensuring that an annoying defect of the manufacturing process doesn’t come back to spoil the entire effect.


Far too many carpets surrender their magic too soon, thanks to the motley crew of stains and blemishes that potentially emanate from every coffee cup, wine glass, or house-pet.

The majority of washing techniques are powerless to arrest the onset of such besmirching. However, our highly-experienced cleaners have come across almost every type of stain known, and will tackle each mark and defect individually, picking out exactly the right solution needed to neutralise and remove the source.

We can even deodorise the carpet, injecting all the freshness of the outdoors directly into your indoors.


Silk rugs have become something of a specialist area for us. This most delicate of materials needs the utmost care and tenderness if the rug is to retain its lustre and sheen.

The rug cleaning process is longer and more involved, but we have the patience and 70 years of a love of silk that has allowed us to achieve wonderful results time and time again.

For over 100 years, our firm has been cleaning all types of Oriental and Persian silk rugs and carpets which is why we are your first choice for rug cleaning specialists.


Fringes tend to be crafted using white cotton.

As such, they’re particularly prone to discolouration, marks, and stains. Being situated at the edges, fringes can also take rather more punishment than other areas of the carpet.

If fringes are permanently stained or damaged, we offer a fringe replacement service for all types of rug fringes.

All carpets and rugs will be treated with the utmost care.

Every cleaning, repairing and drying process will be performed on our premises and by our trained and skilled team of specialists.

Our staff will collect from and deliver to your home or place of work seven days a week and can answer any questions you might have. We minimise inconvenience by handling uplift and transport. We can usually offer you a specific one hour window on the day of your choice.

All rugs are insured from the second that they’re picked up from you, to the moment that they’re returned.