FAQs  – everything you need to know about rug repair and cleaning with James Barclay

Why should I use James Barclay to clean my rugs?

James Barclay has vast experience cleaning handmade rugs we collect throughout the country. We use our own guys who will offer honest advice on whether the rug is due a clean before collecting your rug and cleaning it in our North-West London based workshop. We offer a collection and delivery service that is unrivalled using our own fleet of vans. See the uplift and delivery page for more information.

How will you clean my rug?

We use traditional methods designed to preserve the value of the rug while giving it a thorough clean. The initial beating process eradicates dirt and dust that gather in the rug, then brushes, water and shampoo are used to wash the pile. Visit the hand cleaning page for more information.

Is my rug insured whilst it is with you?
Yes, our own insurance policy covers all goods collected in transit and in our workshops. 


Will my rug be safe with you?
We treat and care for every rug and carpet we collect the same way. A meticulous ticketing and digital logging system is used in order for us to know where your rug is at all times.
Will you clean my rug if it isn’t Persian or Oriental?
We clean most handmade and decorative rugs, carpets and tapestries. If you are unsure that we can clean your rug feel free to send an image through our contact page or give us a call.
Why can’t my regular carpet cleaner clean my Persian rug?

We recommend that any handcrafted rug with natural dyes is treated very carefully during the cleaning process. Some rugs take months and years to manufacture so its important they are not cleaned incorrectly due to a number of reasons. See our hand cleaning page for more information.

How long will my rug be gone for?
It depends on the work being carried out. We will let you know the timescale for the job before we start any work. 


Do you offer pick-up and delivery?
We certainly do. Our own guys are on the road Monday to Friday collecting your rugs, runners and tapestries throughout England and Wales. 


Will you put my rug back exactly where I want it?
Our own staff will take care of placing the rug down exactly where they uplifted it from. This is all part of the service we offer. 


Will you use chemicals on my rug?
No harsh chemicals will be used on your rug during the hand cleaning and repair process.  We will make you aware if any chemicals will be used during a stain removal process before we start any work.
How long does it take to clean a Persian or Oriental rug?
The hand cleaning process takes around one week. 


Can you always repair a rug?

We offer honest and upfront advice on the best steps for your rug. Whether this is a preventative repair or full restoration, the repairers at James Barclay use the traditional manufacturing techniques so no corners are cut when repairing your handcrafted rugs and carpets. 

What types of rugs can you clean and repair?

James Barclay specialises in cleaning and repairing a wide range of rugs, including Persian, Oriental, contemporary, and decorative rugs, carpets, and tapestries.

How do you ensure the safety and tracking of my rug during the cleaning or repair process?

We use a meticulous ticketing and digital logging system to track every rug’s location throughout the cleaning or repair process, ensuring its safety.

What is the process for cleaning rugs at James Barclay?

Rugs are cleaned using traditional methods, including an initial beating to remove dirt and dust, followed by washing with brushes, water, and shampoo to preserve the rug’s value.

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