Repairs that preserve the value of the rug with a sympathetic approach

A good rug should have many decades of life within its fibres, but even the best-made carpet can fall prey to a variety of causes for repairs. Everyday wear and tear alone will take its toll on your rug over time – particularly to the heavily-exposed fringes. The damage is likely to be gradual. Far more likely to be fatal to the carpet’s wellbeing are living creatures, such as moths, insects, and even pets. There are also a few bizarre and often overlooked dangers: water dripping from a nearby plant pot has put paid to many a finely-crafted rug.

But whether you’re talking unravelling threads, fading colours, or gaping holes, we can almost certainly come to your carpet’s rescue. At James Barclay we have vast experience to fall back on when it comes to picking out the right remedy for your rug. Finding a solution that’s both safe and effective, we can fix most problems at our workshops, and our carefully-selected staff have the skills and expertise needed to guarantee only the very best work.

Here are some of the ways in which we might be able to pull your much loved rug back from the brink:






Rugs always have a fringe which generally consisting of white cotton threads. It is tempting to mistake these for little more than a stylish finishing touch. In fact, these threads comprise an important part of the carpet’s structure, and are crucial to holding it together. Each thread within the fringe is the tip of one of the strands that runs down the length of the carpet – what we call the ‘warp’. Further threads (the ‘weft’) run across the width of the rug, and are woven through the warp threads.

The warp and weft combine to create the carpet’s structure or foundation, and the fibres that make up the rug itself are then created by knotting together alternate warp yarns. The warp threads are knotted at each end, and these collectively make up the ‘fringe’. Similarly, weft threads are fastened at either end to create side cords. If these knots start to fray, the rug itself will begin to lose its strength, so it is vital that fringes and side cords are kept in good condition.


High quality rugs tend to be fairly durable, but even the best-made piece can be susceptible to damage.

Whether caused by footfall, moths, or pets, holes don’t have to mean irreparable damage, but we would recommend that these are tackled as soon as possible – the larger the missing areas, the more difficult and time-consuming the job becomes. Small gaps can be skilfully embroidered by our carefully-trained staff, but even gaping holes can often be repaired by us.

Significant areas of damage will generally require reweaving or patching, but we can sometimes rebuild vast swatches of a carpet, reconstructing the warp/weft foundation and then knotting in matching wool to reproduce the original design. Our mending and reweaving is essentially invisible, leaving you with a rug that looks almost as good as new.


An infestation of moths can spell widespread harm for your carpet.

In reality, it’s the larvae of the moths that do the damage, as these armies of grubs can eat their way through the carpet fibres. Female moths can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, and a matter of weeks is often enough time for the larvae to be causing very significant harm to a carpet or rug.

Larvae can spread from one rug to another, wreaking havoc across a whole range of floorings. Thankfully, these pests can be fought, and we can eliminate all traces of moths and their larvae from your carpets.

We can also reweave holes and pile damage, and can strengthen any weak areas.


We can usually fix the damage where colour has run in a carpet (through cleaning the rug with water that has a high alkaline content, flood & water damage & spillages).

We can also restore the natural balance within the carpet, preventing future colour run from taking place.


We’ll choose exactly the right remedy in the first place, so your carpet won’t be hit with treatment after treatment.

We are experts in stain removal for all Oriental, Persian & decorative carpets & rugs.

We can also restore the natural balance within the carpet, preventing future colour run from taking place.


We don’t just repair, and we can also sew sleeves to the back so that you can hang your rug from a wall.

Unmatched in expertise, care & ability to repair

For over 100 years, our company has been cleaning all types of Oriental and Persian rug and carpet, and and every minute of that experience will be used to transform every fibre of your floor covering.

All carpets and rugs will be treated with the utmost care.

Our staff will collect and deliver to your home or place of work seven days a week and can answer any questions you might have. We minimise inconvenience by handling uplift and transport. We can usually offer you a specific one hour window on the day of your choice.

All rugs are insured from the second that they’re picked up from you, to the moment that they’re returned.