Moth damage is one of the most common forms of damage in handmade rugs. The natural wools and silks in Persian, Oriental and Contemporary rugs attract these insects where they can cause devastating damage. Moths love warm and dark environments such as underneath furniture and floorboards and if undisturbed they will eat away at the natural fibres of a rug or carpet.
At James Barclay we specialise in Moth Treatment and Moth Damage Restoration. The process begins by treating rugs with anti-moth spray, killing all the larvae and eggs inside the foundations. Once this is done the Hand Cleaning will flush out the dirt, dust and moth while washing the pile to bring the natural colours back (this is important so we can match the colours during the repair process). Moth Damage Restoration involves re-weaving and re-piling all carried out using the same methods the rug was originally made.

Hoover your rugs on both the back and front. This should be done every couple of months if possible.

Adjust your furniture every so often to keep the wools in the rug well aired and wellventilated.

During the Spring and Summer months be more wary of insects flying about your handmade rugs.

Hand clean your rugs every five to seven years to keep the wools and silks in good health and clean. 

James Barclay have been repairing Fine rugs (including moth damaged rugs) for many years. Our expertise in traditional rug repair is unrivalled. This is why we are trusted by our clients up and down the country; from stately homes and museums to houses and homes across England and Wales.

For case studies on rugs that we have repaired, head over to our repairs page where you can see before and after images that show how rugs can be restored to their original beauty, often regaredless of the extend of damage.