A Persian rug is… well… a rug! It’s no secret what rugs are used for but did you know that Persian rugs can be used for more than just decorating your floors? Here are five unusual but creative uses for Persian rugs:


The use of a Persian rug as a wall covering is an excellent way to bring a bit of luxury and dazzle to any room in your home. Persian rugs have been used for centuries as pieces of art, so why not give them the spotlight they deserve by using them to adorn your walls? Not only are these beautiful works of art, but they can also provide great sound insulation and texture – two things that every room could benefit from.

To hang your Persian rug on the wall, you will need the appropriate hardware. Depending on the size and weight of the rug, you may need several nails or screws to hold it securely in place. Adhesive strips are another option if you do not want visible nail holes. Make sure the hardware is suitable for your wall material – nails will work on drywall but may not be appropriate for stonework or plaster walls.

When you hang your Persian rug, it’s important to make sure that it has been properly cleaned and prepped beforehand – this can prevent any damage to the fabric or fibres from occurring during installation. Additionally, avoid hanging it too tightly against the wall as this can cause stretching and other damage over time. It is best to allow a few inches of space between the rug and the wall in order to ensure that no permanent creasing occurs.

Hanging a Persian rug on your wall is an excellent way to give any room a luxurious boost of texture and sound insulation. With the right hardware and a bit of knowledge, you can create an eye-catching feature piece in your home with ease.


Persian rugs make great room dividers, and can be used to create an interesting look for any space. To use a Persian rug as a room divider, start by measuring the area that the rug will need to cover. Once you have measured the area, consider which type of rug would best suit the style of your home. For example, a traditional Heriz design may work well in a classic setting, while a more modern Tabriz design could be ideal for contemporary spaces.

When selecting your rug, think about where it will be placed and whether it will be hung on walls or left on the floor. If you plan on hanging your rug up as a wall tapestry or draping it over furniture, you may need to look for a smaller size, as larger rugs can be heavy.

Once it is in place, you can use the rug to break up an open space or create separate living areas. For example, the rug could be used to divide a large dining area into two more intimate seating spaces. Persian rugs also work well as accent pieces that add warmth and texture to an otherwise plain space.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, using a Persian rug as a room divider is also cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for purchasing additional furniture or wall hangings. Whether hung on walls or left on the floor, this versatile item can easily transform any space into something special. With its unique patterns, colours, and textures, a Persian rug can make any room look elegant and inviting.


Persian rugs are known for their elegant designs, colours, and soft textures. As a result, they make wonderful picnic blankets that offer both style and comfort. Here is how to use a Persian rug as a picnic blanket:

  1. Choose the right size rug – A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that is at least two feet larger than your group. This will give you plenty of room to spread out food, lay out game pieces and relax in the sun.
  2. Pick an appropriate colour – Persian rugs come in all colours and patterns so be sure to choose one that compliments your outdoor seating area or other decorations you may have set up nearby.
  3. Make sure it is easy to clean – If your picnic is a potluck, you want to make sure your Persian rug can be easily wiped down afterwards. The same goes for if any spills or messes occur while your group is having fun.
  4. Choose something soft and lightweight – A lightweight, soft Persian rug is ideal for picnicking because it can easily be folded up and transported without too much effort.
  5. Look for one with fringe – Fringe adds an extra layer of protection from dirt and other debris that may find its way onto the surface of the rug during your outing. It also adds a unique, decorative touch to your picnic area and looks beautiful in photos!


Create unique place settings at dinner parties with a colourful Persian rug instead of a traditional tablecloth.

Using a Persian rug as a table covering can be a great way to make any table look unique and elegant. Before placing a rug on your table, it is important to ensure that the rug is properly secured to avoid slipping or shifting when in use. To do this, you will need adhesive felt furniture pads or double-sided tape.

Once the rug has been secured, you may then place items on top of it such as plates, glasses, vases, and other decorations. The weight of these items will help keep the rug firmly secured over time. It is also possible to add cushioning by placing additional layers of blankets or fabric atop the rug for extra comfort while using the table.

When removing dishes and drinks from the table, it is important to be careful as any spills can damage the rug. In case of a spill, make sure to clean it immediately and thoroughly with a mild detergent and water. It is also important to vacuum your Persian rug regularly in order to keep dirt, dust and debris out of its fibres.

Using a Persian rug as a table covering can really help add an extra layer of personality and style to any room.


Persian rugs are popular among musicians and studio owners for a variety of reasons. First, they are aesthetically appealing, providing the perfect backdrop to a creative space. Persian rugs come in a wide range of colours and patterns that can help set the mood of a room or studio.

In addition, Persian rugs provide acoustic benefits as well; their thick padding absorbs sound waves better than hardwood floors, making it easier to record audio in the studio without worrying about sound reflections. Finally, Persian rugs create warmth both visually and physically; this helps keep musicians comfortable while recording and allows them to focus on their craft without feeling cold or uncomfortable.

All these reasons make Persian rugs an excellent choice for any musician’s recording studio.


With these creative ideas in mind, you can get the most out of your Persian rugs – so do not just limit them to decorating floors. Whether you are using them for decoration or comfort, Persian rugs are always an excellent choice for adding luxury to your home.

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