Numerous celebrities have been charmed by the beauty of Persian rugs. Here is a run-down of some well-known VIPs with a known passion for Persians:


Giorgio Armani grew up in Italy, and his family always had a few around the house that reminded him of home. His own style is characterized by simple elegance, which is reflected in the carpets he chooses to decorate with. As an adult, Giorgio has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, where he has learned more about these exquisite works of art—their history, craftsmanship and varied motifs. From this experience came a deeper appreciation for Persian rugs as well as an understanding of what makes them so special.

Giorgio’s homes are often decorated with elegant hand-knotted Persian carpets which bring warmth and texture to the interior. He loves the traditional patterns, but also enjoys mixing in modern designs to create a unique and timeless look. In addition, he appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into each rug and considers them an investment piece for any home.


Oprah Winfrey is a well-known fan of Persian rugs. She has often been spotted in photographs and videos with an intricately patterned, colourful rug draped over her shoulders. The unique designs and bold colours of these rugs make them perfect for adding a dash of drama and sophistication to any room.

Oprah’s love of Persian rugs began when she was given one as a gift by a dear friend. This particular piece held such sentimental value to Oprah that it still remains in her possession today. Even after all these years, Oprah continues to be drawn to the intricate beauty of the rug’s design, which features distinct floral motifs with vibrant reds, blues and greens throughout.

For many years, Oprah has used Persian rugs to transform her home into a luxurious and inviting refuge. Whether she’s hosting friends, family or business associates, the eye-catching beauty of these rugs is always on full display.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have decorated their homes with many exquisite pieces, ranging from traditional designs to more contemporary looks. The couple has been known to take trips to Iran, where they have purchased a variety of hand-crafted rugs and other items. Their appreciation for the artistry behind these works of art is evident in their highly curated collections, which reflect their unique tastes and shared aesthetic.

Angelina and Brad both understand the importance of quality craftsmanship when it comes to such creations, ensuring that each piece chosen for their home is nothing short of breath taking. With so much care put into every selection, it’s no surprise that Persian rugs remain one of the couple’s favourite home decor accents. As they continue to explore the world’s most beautiful carpets, their admiration for these truly special pieces of art will no doubt remain strong.



Shigeru Miyamoto, the renowned designer and producer of some of Nintendo’s most popular games, found his love for Persian rugs early in life. As a child in Japan, he would often accompany his father to local bazaars where he was fascinated by the intricate patterns and vivid colours of these traditional Persian weavings. He recalls playing for hours on end with the various rugs as if they were toys.

This admiration for Persian rugs is reflected in some of Miyamoto’s work over the years. For example, several levels in Mario Brothers feature characters that wear brightly-coloured clothing patterned after those seen on traditional carpets from Persia. In addition, many of the power up items scattered around different game levels feature distinctive rug-like designs.

For Miyamoto, his love of Persian carpets is more than just a reminder of the childhood games he used to play; it also serves as an inspiration for the artwork and design of his beloved video games. He continues to use elements from traditional weavings in various levels and characters of Nintendo’s games, creating a timeless connection to his early days of rug-inspired play.


David Beckham has acquired a large and impressive collection of carpets, each one with its own unique story to tell. From classic Isfahan patterns to modern interpretations of traditional designs, Beckham’s rugs feature vibrant colours and intricate detail that reflect the beauty of Persian craftsmanship. But Beckham’s appreciation for Persian rugs goes beyond their visual appeal — he also loves the history and culture that are woven into each design. From the expertly dyed wool to the delicate patterns, each piece of Beckham’s collection tells a story of centuries-old tradition and heritage.

Whether it’s an antique rug handed down through generations or a contemporary work of art, Beckham’s passion for Persian rugs reflects a deep respect for the craftsmanship and culture that created them. It’s no surprise that his collection is among the most impressive in the world.

Amongst his prized possessions are many pieces from renowned artisans like Hossein Rezvani, whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries. In addition to admiring the craftsmanship and beauty of Persian rugs, Beckham also has a deep appreciation for the materials used to make them.

Many of his carpets are made from hand spun wool, silk and cotton that were carefully chosen with an eye towards quality and sustainability. His commitment to ethical sourcing ensures that he’s only buying the finest materials available, making sure that each piece of his collection is as beautiful and valuable for years to come. When it comes to Persian rugs, David Beckham knows what he likes — and his impressive collection is a testament to that.


Nicole Kidman has had a life-long love affair with Persian rugs. The actress has talked openly about her appreciation for the craftsmanship, beauty and history behind these gorgeous carpets. She even collects them! Nicole’s love of Persian rugs is so strong that she has stated in interviews that every time she moves home, one of the first things she does is shop for the perfect Persian rug to adorn her floor.

The beautiful colours and intricate patterns of Persian rugs are what make them unique. From traditional floral motifs to bold geometric patterns, Nicole loves how each rug has its own individual character and charm. She’s been known to buy a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to fit the space she’s in.

Nicole is also fascinated by the history and culture behind Persian rugs. As a film buff, she especially loves how they feature heavily in some of her favourite movies such as ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘The Godfather’. She has said that she loves the feeling of “having a piece of history” in her home.

It’s clear that Persian rugs have a universal appeal, attracting celebrities and non-celebrities alike. From their intricate weaving patterns to their vibrant colours, these timeless works of art are sure to remain popular for years to come.


This article has provided an overview of some of the most famous Persian rug collectors in the world. Whether you’re looking to buy a new rug or just appreciate their beauty, Persian rugs are sure to add charm and elegance to any home. Especially if it belongs to a celebrity!

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