The contemporary rug has become a popular style of interior design in recent years. This type of rug is characterized by bold patterns, vibrant colours, and often incorporates modern materials such as synthetics or natural fibres. Popular motifs that are commonly seen on contemporary rugs include geometric shapes, floral designs, abstract patterns, and tribal patterns. These rugs can be used to create interesting focal points in a room and can also add colour and texture to an overall design scheme.

Although these rugs may not have the same traditional appeal as more classic styles, they often provide a touch of modern flair that can liven up any room. With its diverse range of styles and textures, contemporary rugs make it easy for homeowners to express their individual taste while creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Contemporary rugs are not only attractive, but they can also be very durable. Many of these rugs are made from materials such as woven wool, nylon, olefin, and polyester which all have a long lifespan when cared for properly. Some of these materials are also stain-resistant, making them easy to maintain. Additionally, many of these rugs feature fade-resistant dyes so that their colours remain vibrant even after being exposed to the sun or direct lighting. All these features make contemporary rugs a great choice for active households with children and pets.


Contemporary rugs come in a wide variety of styles, colours, materials, and designs. From traditional Oriental designs to abstract modern patterns, there is something for everyone’s taste. Popular contemporary rug styles include:

  • Flat Weave Rugs – These lightweight and durable rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas. They provide an interesting texture on the floor with little effort. Many flat weave rugs are made of wool or cotton and feature intricate weaving techniques that add sophistication to any room.
  • Shag Rugs – Soft and cozy shag rugs are great for creating a warm atmosphere in a bedroom or living area. These textured pieces come in many colours and textures, providing an inviting touch to any space.
  • Natural Fiber Rugs – Natural fibre rugs are made from sustainable materials like jute, sisal and sea grass. They have a unique texture that can add visual interest to any room. Many natural fibre rugs also provide cushioning, making them comfortable underfoot.
  • Synthetic Rugs – Synthetic rugs are often the most affordable option and come in many styles and colours. Made from man-made fibres such as nylon and olefin, synthetic rugs are highly durable and easy to clean. They provide softness on floors without sacrificing durability.

No matter what style of contemporary rug you choose, it can be a great way to transform any room into an inviting and stylish space. From traditional styles to modern designs, contemporary rugs are the perfect way to tie any room together. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something that works for your home.



Contemporary rugs are a popular choice for summer home décor in 2023. With bright, eye-catching colours and modern textures, contemporary rugs can easily transform any room into a stylish sanctuary. For this summer, mix it up with bold patterns or subtle stripes to give your space an eclectic upgrade. From chevron to herringbone designs, there are plenty of options to choose from when creating the perfect rug look for your home.

Additionally, if you prefer something minimalistic, opt for flat weave styles that offer just enough texture without overwhelming your décor. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-modern or classic chic, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and shapes. After all—summer is all about taking risks and having fun with interior design.

With these contemporary rug trends for summer 2023, you can bring your home to life with a unique flair that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. So don’t be afraid to take chances when it comes to designing a room—you never know what kind of amazing results you might get!


A contemporary rug is a great way to bring style and comfort to your outdoor space this summer. They are easy to maintain, making them an ideal addition for outdoor use. Here are some tips on how to use a contemporary rug outdoors this summer:

1) Choose the right size: Before purchasing your contemporary rug, be sure to measure the area you plan to place it in so you can purchase one that fits well. You don’t want it too big or too small – just right!

2) Consider materials: Look for rugs made of synthetic fibres such as polypropylene or olefin that are designed for outdoor use. These materials are resistant against fading and won’t mildew like natural fibres do when exposed to moisture.

3) Protect from the elements: Place your rug in an area that is sheltered from direct sunlight and rain to keep it looking its best. If you anticipate heavy rains, consider investing in a waterproof mat or tarp to place underneath the rug.

4) Vacuum regularly: To keep your contemporary rug looking its best for years to come, vacuum it on a regular basis to remove dirt and debris. This will help keep it looking fresh and new.


By following these tips, your outdoor space can be transformed into a stylish oasis with the addition of a contemporary rug this summer!

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