What’s the best way to approach choosing an oriental rug? The obvious way is the focus on the colours, the size and the design that match your room. But what if you spot a rug that is just too fabulous not to buy?!

When picking out a handmade rug they really do work so well in almost any situation. It’s so easy to pick out an old rug and for it to work almost anywhere. When rugs gets to a certain age the colours start to soften. It retains the look of an oriental rug but takes on almost contemporary colours. They can work in modern home or in more traditional homes.

This is why so many people love oriental rugs an why people hold on to them for so long. They can effortlessly go from one home to another. Moving with you. Matching the surroundings from different place to place.

There are so many different carpet and rug weaving countries, you have so much to choose from. The most popular being Persia, of which there are hundreds of different types of designs. Ranging from fine silks made in the cities to more tribal pieces made in the south. You also have the Caucasus which tend to be more geometric in design. China and India offer a more contemporary range of colours. You also have Turkey which also offers very interesting designs and dyes. There are many more which all have their unique type of design, weave and tones. 

The most important thing to do when picking out a rug is to find something you like and something that excites you. Oriental rugs are made to last and are not something that you will have to replace every few years. They will need some attention every now and again – but as a whole they are very hard wearing and are made to be used and enjoyed. Which is why it is so important to pick out a rug that you enjoy the look of. As this really is something that is going to be around for a very long time!