Oriental rug cleaning can be quite a precise and delicate process.  Not only are they made of natural materials like wool or silk, but the dyes used to create their beautiful patterns can be easily damaged. That’s why it’s so important to take care when cleaning your oriental rug.

There are a few different ways to clean an oriental rug, depending on its specific needs. For example, if your rug is made of wool, you’ll want to use a mild detergent and avoid any harsh chemicals. Silk rugs may require special care as well, since the fibres can be easily damaged.

If you’re not sure how to clean your specific rug, it’s always best to consult with a professional. They will have the knowledge and experience to clean your rug without damaging it. They can also give you tips on how to best take care of your oriental rug in the future.



It’s no secret that oriental rugs can be quite delicate. That’s why it’s important to take extra care when cleaning them at home. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done right:

  1. Vacuum regularly. This will help to remove dirt and dust before it has a chance to build up and damage the fibres of your rug. When it comes to vacuuming an Oriental rug, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to do it properly. First of all, you need to make sure that you vacuum the rug on a low setting. This is because Oriental rugs are often made of delicate materials that can be easily damaged by a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Another thing to keep in mind when vacuuming an Oriental rug is to be careful not to vacuum the fringe. The fringe is the part of the rug that is most susceptible to damage, so you need to be extra careful when vacuuming around it. If possible, try to avoid vacuuming over the fringe altogether.

Finally, when vacuuming an Oriental rug, you need to be sure to vacuum in the direction of the nap. Vacuuming against the grain can damage the fibres of the rug and make it look worn and faded.

  1. Spot clean as needed. If you see a stain, treat it immediately as follows:

If you have a stain on your Oriental rug, it’s important to clean it up as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to spot clean the stain using a mild detergent and water.

To spot clean a stain on an Oriental rug:

  1. blot the stain with a clean, dry cloth to remove as much of the spill as possible
  2. mix a small amount of mild detergent with warm water and apply it to the stained area with a soft cloth
  3. blot the area with a clean, dry cloth to remove the detergent and water
  4. if the stain is still visible, repeat steps 2-4 until it is no longer visible
  5. allow the area to air dry completely

If you are unable to remove the stain, you may need to have the rug professionally cleaned.

  1. Protect your rug from direct sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, an Oriental rug will experience a number of changes. The colours in the rug will begin to fade, and the fibres will start to break down. The rug will become dry and brittle, and eventually it will crumble and fall apart. The best way to protect an Oriental rug from sunlight is to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible. If you must place the rug in a sunny spot, try to rotate it periodically so that all sides of the rug get an equal amount of sunlight exposure.
  2. Be careful when moving furniture. When you’re moving furniture around, be careful not to drag it across your rug. This can damage the fibres and cause premature wear.
  3. Have your rug professionally cleaned every few years. Even with regular at-home care, your rug will eventually need a professional cleaning. This will help to keep it looking its best for years to come.

Following these tips will help to ensure that your oriental rug stays in pristine condition for many years to come.

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If you’re not sure how to clean your specific rug, it’s always best to consult with a professional. They will have the knowledge and experience to clean your rug without damaging it. They can also give you tips on how to best take care of your oriental rug in the future.

Oriental rug cleaning is an important part of rug maintenance. Over time, dirt, dust and other debris can build up on your rug, causing it to become stained and discoloured. While regular vacuuming can help to remove some of this build-up, professional cleaning is necessary to deep clean your rug and restore its original beauty.

There are a few different ways to get your oriental rug cleaned professionally. One popular method is called dry cleaning. This type of cleaning uses a special powder that attracts dirt and debris. The powder is then vacuumed up, taking the dirt and debris with it.

Another common method for professional oriental rug cleaning is hot water extraction. This method involves using hot water and a strong vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your rug.

If you are not sure which method is right for your rug, it is best to consult with a professional rug cleaner. They will be able to assess your rug and recommend the best cleaning method based on its specific needs.

Once you have decided on a professional oriental rug cleaning method, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. This will help to ensure that your rug is properly cleaned and that no damage is done to it during the process.

After your oriental rug has been professionally cleaned, be sure to vacuum it regularly. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from building up on it again. You should also consider having it professionally inspected every few years to ensure that it is in good condition.

By taking these steps, you can help to keep your oriental rug looking its best for many years to come. Professional cleaning is an important part of rug maintenance and by following these tips, you can ensure that your rug stays looking great for years to come.



As anyone who has ever owned an Oriental rug knows, they are delicate items that require special care and attention. Not just any old cleaning company will do – you need to find a reputable, experienced professional who knows how to clean these beautiful pieces without damaging them. Look no further than James Barclay Rugs. Here is a rundown of the top 10 reasons why we are your best choice for oriental rug cleaning in London and the rest of England and Wales:

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So, there you have it. A thorough run down of cleaning oriental rugs and why you should choose James Barclay as your professional rug cleaning company. Now that that is all said, we look forward to cleaning your rug soon!

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