When it comes to rug cleaning and repair, James Barclay have been at the forefront of the industry since 2014 when the company was formed. As a family owned and run business, there are decades worth of expertise and experience that have made James Barclay a trusted and respectable company in the world of Persian and oriental carpets.

The true measure of how good a company is can be found in what the customers say about their experiences. At the time of writing, James Barclay has a 5 out of 5 average from 48 reviews – that is a 100% positive experience score. With this in mind, we are going to let some of our customers speak for us in this case so that if you were in any doubt as to whether to choose James Barclay for your rug cleaning and repair needs, then you won’t be soon (any spelling errors are left for authenticity):


RUG CLEANING – 8th April 2022

this is the yet another time that James Barkley have given exellent service when cleaning. My Rug Five stars again well done and a Big thank you

Doris Fazackerley


RUG REPAIR – 7th April 2022

This has been a very good experience from start to finish. The rugs were collected on the day arranged , followed by a discussion with the experts by phone talking through the condition of each rug , where it was made , likely value , and cost of treatments , and estimate of time needed to effect repairs and treatment. The rugs were delivered within the time frame estimated and on the day that was agreed. The repair work was superb and the colours , after cleaning , are simply stunning.

Simon Fisher


RUG REPAIR & CLEANING – 7th April 2022

Louis was my main contact he was very knowledgable and helpful. The rugs came back clean and beautifully mended. Service was very good. Assistance was given to placing the rugs and generally all the lifting and shifting involved. Very professional.

Helen Stephenson


AREA RUG REPAIR & CLEANING – 24th March 2022

From the time Louis came to pick up our carpets for cleaning and fringe repairs their service was prompt,efficient and timely.We highly recommend Barclays to anyone needing service to the carpets they love.

Erich Hahn


TAPESTRY REPAIR – 17th March 2022

Just received some cut pieces of tapestry back from James Barclay, they did an excellent job especially matching the edge detail to the colours in the tapestry




I had two moroccon rugs cleaned after a flea situation. Very satisfied with the results and the professional service.

Sammy Lee


MOTH DAMAGED RUG – September 2021

I was devastated when a very precious rug of mine was badly moth damaged while in storage. Max, Andrew and the rest of the team at James Barclay Rugs have done the most beautiful job bringing it back to life, and have really gone above and beyond. I’m so, so happy that this rug will now be able to continue its life for decades more to come. Thank you so much to all of the team who worked on it.

Hannah Richards



Amazing service from James Barclay. They efficiently picked up my Gabbah Rugs. Organised for them to be cleaned and repaired. Gave us a date to return the rugs. The service was efficient and friendly. The rugs have been beautifully cleaned and repaired. They look wonderful now that they are back. I really recommend this company if you need any work doing to your rugs.

Hilary Oakley



I decided to use Barclays after years of deliberating about having my rugs mended and cleaned. I should have not delayed as they were pretty shabby when Barclays came to assess them. The whole service has been beyond reproach from start to finish. Arriving on time, expertly assessing the damage and what needed to be done. Removing them. Phoning me the next day with a complete breakdown of cost and work. Everything was explained to me on site about moth damage to one particular rug, my delay! This has now been beautifully transformed by expertly reducing on both sides the damaged area. I was told on the spot that to attempt to mend the moth eaten area would be so costly I may as well buy a new rug but what they recommended has meant I have a brand new slimmer version. My other rugs, I had five in total, are beautifully enhanced by the hand cleaning and mending. I am so delighted with the service I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a professional service. What is more at the beginning of July when the rugs were removed, I was told that the rugs would be returned on the 10th August. I had a call this morning (10th August) and told they would be delivered between 11.00 a1.00pm and there was knock at 11.10am. The rugs were brought in and laid out in the rooms. Exceptional service from first to last with polite professionals at every stage. I’m so happy. Thank you.

Orla Roberts



Excellent from start to finish, they are expensive but worth it. Collected and returned our rugs, and laid them with underlay, having explained exactly what was wrong, did an excellent job of cleaning and repair, the rugs really seemed to glow. Lewis personified the excellence of James Barclay.

Margaret Smart



They were given an impossible task of cleaning a 15 year old Turkish rug that had never been professionally cleaned. I knew some of the staining would be impossible to remove, but when it came back i was amazed at how different it looked, colours and feel were brilliant. Well done James Barclay!

Sally Dolden



Really pleased with the way our Indian carpets have been cleaned & repaired, restoring their original lustre. Customer service was excellent, carpets collected & delivered when stated and work completed at price quoted.

Carolyn Braley



We are absolutely delighted with both the service and the work which has been done with our rugs. James and Luis were extremely helpful when collecting and delivering rugs and gave us a huge amount of information about the history of the rugs and about the way they were originally made and how repair work would be carried out. We really admire their genuine enthusiasm for their work and their desire to educate their customers! We are happy that ‘James Barclay’ has enabled these precious items to be preserved for enjoyment and use by future generations. Thank you.

Sally Fone


If you would like to see more reviews for James Barclay then head over to our Google reviews page here.

To contact us to get your rug booked for an assessment, call us on 0203 174 2427 or email us at info@jamesbarclay.co.uk

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